Supporting Women

Empowering women
is our #1 mission

We believe every girl should have the opportunity to eat, sleep, grow, laugh, love, learn, create, discover and feel safe. We believe that when women are empowered, families and communities flourish.

We believe in women supporting women.

One of the driving forces behind launching The Brand Brigade was to be able to give back to this world. We launched our business with empowering women as our #1 mission. We are so excited that now we can do that not only through the work we do, but also by donating 10% of our profits to support projects via The Hunger Project.

We are inspired by their dedication to end world hunger by 2030 through sustainable, holistic solutions. We have a huge amount of respect for their grassroots approach that recognises that achieving these big goals starts with empowering women within these communities. We are honoured to help in whatever small ways we can through our work at The Brand Brigade.

If you have a moment we’d love you to check out The Hunger Project and the incredible work they are doing in creating lasting change.

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