Emma Scott and Jodie de Vries

We are on a mission to help entrepreneurs kickass


The Brand Brigade has been created by us, Jodie and Em. Serial entrepreneurs who have taken everything we have learnt building multi-million dollar businesses and brought it to you – a woman on a mission. The entrepreneurial, get-shit-done type who is ready to take their brand and business to the next level.

We are here to empower you to build your own brand, to create the future you imagine.

As a business owner and entrepreneur you are expected to wear a lot of hats, and the skills or knowledge required to build a strong brand may not be in your remit (and fair enough really). But don’t worry, we are here to help you position your brand for serious success.

Why? Because we are passionate about brand building. We are passionate about business. But most of all we are passionate about supporting women in their entrepreneurial journeys.

We believe in business for good and are excited to use our expertise to help more people, and create a bigger impact.  As part of this mission we donate 10% of our profits to organisations that are empowering women currently living in challenging circumstances, to create real change from a grassroots level.


Jodie and Emma have over 35+ years combined industry experience, have helped build over 300 brands and have built their own multi-million dollar agency Tiny Hunter. Their love of entrepreneurial stories has also seen them launch magazine Brands of Kin.

Knowledge is power and The Brand Brigade are empowering businesses everyday to take a strategic approach to brand building. They are providing the deep expertise, experience and IP – normally reserved for large organisations with big budgets – that these businesses need to succeed, without the costly overhead.

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