Why mastery matters to your brand

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Why mastery matters to your brand

Mar 12, 2021

So what is mastery?

With our serious, serious voice, the official definition is about having a comprehensive knowledge or skill in a particular subject or activity that makes you better than others within your chosen field. It’s achieved through education and experience.

Without our serious voice, we like to describe it as your magic or your superpower.

“Mastery is not a function of genius or talent. It is a function of time and intense focus applied to a particular field of knowledge.” ― Robert Greene

Why does it matter for your brand?

Mastery is your credibility. It is your proof point that you are the best at what you do. It can be the difference between a customer deciding to go with your company compared to a competitor.

For example with The Brand Brigade, it’s only because we have had decades of learning from the best and helping over 200 brands grow, that we can come to you today with confidence to say ‘hey, we know how to build brands.’ We have the real life examples and proof that our methods work and that builds a level of trust. It de-risks the decision for you to purchase The Brand Brigade course over someone else’s course.

It’s important to identify firstly what your mastery is, and secondly, what are those proof points that you’re a master.

If you don’t feel confident that you have a level of mastery behind your brand, think about what steps you need to take to develop that mastery. Do you need to commit to doing some more courses, some more education? Do you need to seek out a mentor? Do you need more case studies of the outcome that has been achieved for your customers or clients? Do you need to gather testimonials?

The more confident you are in your position as an expert and the more proof points you have of your mastery, the easier it will be to position yourself as an expert.

How do you communicate your mastery, your expertise?

Once you are confident in your level of expertise, it’s time to think about how to communicate it.

We find the best way to communicate mastery is through storytelling. People remember stories, they connect through the heart. They make people feel, and when people are emotionally engaged they have a very high recall rate.

Some tips…

  1. Find a great writer or videographer to interview you and then tell your story.
  2. Gather the proof points. What are the statements you can communicate that show proof that you are an expert. Eg We have worked with over 200 brands across the world.
  3. Put together case studies of those you have helped.
  4. And finally gather testimonials.

LOUIS VUITTON: a brand built on mastery

Whether you like luxury brands or not, there is no denying that they are very good at communicating an extraordinary level of mastery. A mastery that builds trust and respect.

We remember the first time weI saw a film on how a Louis Vuitton shoe is made. The film revealed the very detailed and lengthy handmade process that every show undergoes before it is birthed out to the world. The film introduced the master shoe crafter in his workshop in Italy, hand cutting the leather, hand stitching. The master shoe maker had learnt his trade from his father before him and he hoped to pass it on to his son in the years to come. The film was a beautiful expression of the years of expertise that go into making every single shoe and it immediately made us appreciate and respect Louis Vuitton for the master shoemakers that they are.

Jodie + Em xx


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