Want your audience to care? Get relevant.

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Want your audience to care? Get relevant.

Sep 5, 2020

When launching a brand most of us set out with high aspirations. We have the most amazing product or service in the world and everyone is going to love it. That’s what you thought when you launched your brand, right? I know we did. Naive weren’t we. Well we guess if we didn’t have that unbridled enthusiasm, before the battle wounds take their toll, then we would never have launched. And that would be a shame because if it wasn’t for entrepreneurs like you pushing the boundaries out there, society would not move forward.

“Make the customer the hero of your story.” Ann Handley

 So back to our point… you may have a brilliant product or service but if it doesn’t solve a need or a problem for your customer then it won’t be relevant to them and if it isn’t relevant to them then they just don’t care.

So many brands spend enormous amounts of money marketing without doing the work to check to make sure their product or service is relevant to who they are targeting. And this my friends means you are pushing sh*t uphill. And that’s no fun for anyone.


Do you remember standing by the side of the road, waiting for your taxi, wondering where it is, hoping it would arrive in time to get you to your meeting? Or running down the street trying to flag one down, while hustling with others doing the same? Well of course not all taxi experiences were unpleasant, just most of them! What choice did we have, there was no other alternative.

Until UBER hit town. UBER understood the major pain points of convenience, transparency and price. And they came to market with this promise… “Always the ride you want – the best way to get wherever you are going.” They offered a tap of a button convenient way to order an UBER, a no cash, no tip, no hassle system and a way to rate and provide feedback which ensured the customer experience became important.

Right on UBER. UBER saw a need in the market and built their product offering accordingly. Now that’s smart.



Here are a few little tips to help you create your own relevant brand.

  1. Become customer obsessed. You must adopt an attitude of forever seeking to understand your customers. You need to understand their needs and then ensure your brand solves a very pertinent problem for them. You can do this through all kinds of research – from qualitative to quantitative.
  2. Be available. Understand when and where your customers need your product or service and then make yourself easily available. Don’t be hard to find.
  3. Be creative. Find interesting and engaging ways to remind customers of your relevance. People like to be inspired and entertained. Capture their hearts and then follow through with those reminders of why they must have your brand in their life.

It can be a little heartbreaking to discover that your product or service may not be that relevant to your customers. But if this is the case, don’t give up. Get smart in understanding how to solve a customer problem and shift. Your bank balance will thank you.

Jodie + Em xx

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