To do list overwhelm? Try this

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To do list overwhelm? Try this

Jun 12, 2021

Do you ever feel entirely overwhelmed by the many hats you have to wear as a business owner?
Back when you started your business you set out with a key skill, and a tonne of passion. You wanted to do it all day, every day, your way. And then the reality set in. Paying bills, creating invoices, responding to enquiries, dealing with insurance, and accountants and well…. ordering the toilet paper. Someone has to do it right? There was suddenly a million things on your to do list and most of them not really what you signed up for.

We get it. It’s tough. Like we love to say – there are pros and cons of EVERYTHING.

Does it mean you want to go back to having a job? Almost. But when you are an entrepreneur at heart never quite enough to actually go and do it.

“Efficiency is doing things right; effectiveness is doing the right things.” ― Peter Drucker

Instead what you need is serious priorisation. Now this is a little easier if you have people to delegate too, but important regardless. Getting laser sharp about your to dos apart from creating clarity and focus, will also help you get a grasp on what you want to outsource or delegate in the future even if you can’t right now.


Do you ever have a stacked list of things to do but suddenly find yourself totally derailed by something that pops up in your email box? We are definitely guilty as charged. But the more disciplined we can be with ourselves, the more boundaries we create for those around us. And if you need a little help, try the prioritisation matrix as shared by Harvard Business Review:

Prioritisation matrix


  1. DOWNLOAD. First things first, you need a download of EVERYTHING. Every task scribbled on bits of paper, your half complete to do list, all the items in your head (yes ALL of them). You need to capture everything – both business and personal.
  2. BUCKETS. Create some buckets or groupings if you have distinct areas that you want to manage at separate times. You might want a life admin / personal bucket, and then one for each business if you have more than one. That way when you sit down in a block of time just work through the relevant to do list. If you just want one big list, that is A-Ok too.
  3. MATRIX. Work through every item using the prioritisation matrix. Not all items are created equally and now you have a crystal clear picture of what should be happening first.
  4. NEXT. Now all you need to do is focus on the next task. Nothing more. You don’t have to worry about all the things flying around your head, they are captured. Just work away task by task. You’ll be way more productive now you have said bye bye to the to do list overwhelm.
    Off we go, some important and urgents to wrangle.

Jodie + Em xx


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