Million Dollar Micro Business: How to Turn Your Expertise Into a Digital Online Course

Million Dollar Micro Business: How to Turn Your Expertise Into a Digital Online Course



In Million Dollar Micro Business: How To Turn Your Expertise Into A Digital Online Course, entrepreneur and author Tina Tower delivers a new and smarter way to do business that avoids huge overheads and large capital investments. Fueled by recent innovations in technology and shifts in consumer behavior, the accomplished author shows you a new way to have a big impact with few resources. 

You’ll learn how to create a digital course based on expertise you’ve gained through your life, business, academic work, and career. The book is a practical and tangible guide to getting started and offers a proven framework and case studies of people who have scaled courses into seven-figure ventures. 

This important book teaches you: 

  • How to turn your passion and expertise into profit, using what you know to create a global, online course 
  • Why bigger is not always better, and how less overhead and investment is often a good thing for a scalable business 
  • An alternative to the 9-5 hustle and grind of a traditional workplace 
  • Real-life case studies from people who have been on this journey before 

Perfect for entrepreneurs, seasoned professionals, educated experts, and anyone else interested in sharing their knowledge with the world around them, Million Dollar Micro Business is an indispensable guide to creating a lucrative online course from scratch.


Trisha Cashmere, The Healthy Body Company

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