If you don’t champion your brand, who will?

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If you don’t champion your brand, who will?

Jul 24, 2021

We know all too well how overwhelming it is wearing so many hats as a business owner. We really do. But today it’s a call to arms. As a business owner you MUST get brand. All the micro decisions you make, every day, influence and impact your brand.

So is that really something you can delegate?

Unless you have a switched on branding agency on a retainer, on speed dial, the answer is no.

Do you need to have a masters in strategic brand building? No. Do you need to know how to direct a photo shoot or craft a logo. Also no.

So, let’s delve into what you do need, and when you need to apply it.

“Brand consistency will become the greatest differentiator in a world of constant change – knowing who you are and what you stand for is the holy grail” ― Yolanda Uys


Before you can manage your brand and steer your business towards growth you must have the right brand foundations in place. This is a strategic document that outlines your positioning including elements such as your brand purpose, unique points of difference, brand values, brand personality and brand story. This foundation influences all decision making in your business to ensure you stay on course. You can develop a brand strategy with an agency, or you can develop your own brand strategy through our How to build a Rockstar Brand course. Either way it’s essential you have a clearly articulated strategy for your brand.


Once you have your foundations in place, any time you look at making changes – your products or services, your partnerships, your team, anything – review your strategy. Look especially at your purpose, and your values. Does your decision look and feel right through that lens? This sense check will stop you getting distracted by bright and dazzling opportunities that aren’t the right fit for your brand.


Having a brand strategy makes it far easier to clearly brief in third parties. Any consultants, agencies, writers, photographers, other parties or new team members can get up to speed on your brand in a flash. This makes it far easier, and more likely, that any work they do for you is in alignment with your brand. But remember, you know your brand better than anyone, it’s essential that you question anything that doesn’t feel right, always using the strategy as the basis for your feedback.


Marketing can be such a fun and shiny place, so many options, SO many options. It is pretty easy to suddenly be investing time and energy on something that isn’t aligned to your brand. When you consider new marketing activities you need to first reflect on your brand strategy. Does this new idea resonate with your audience, does it align with the values and personality of your brand? And on a more practical note – is it sustainable? Looking at an activity this way ensures you don’t jump from one thing to the next, without getting that all important traction.


Being a champion for your brand is about being intentional. It’s about considering what you do from multiple angles and making strategic choices. When you start working in this way, the noise around you quietens down a little as you start to see what is for you, and what isn’t. Enjoy the calm.

Jodie + Em xx

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