How to create your brand personality

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How to create your brand personality

Apr 29, 2021

Your brand personality is what humanises your brand to your customers. Brands are like people. We identify people by their personality, we like to do the same with brands. ‘That brand is really funny, that brand is approachable, that brand is crazy!’

“Products, like people, have personalities, and they can make or break them in the marketplace.” ― David Ogilvy

Your brand personality is one of the key ways that you shape the perception of your business. It is the means for communicating your message with emotion and feeling.

There are so many brands out there with brilliant brand personalities. Here’s just a couple that we love.


Red Bull is an incredibly successful brand. They have been a pioneer in energy drinks for three decades now. Whether you like energy drinks or not, Red Bull is a brand hard to miss.

Red Bull’s two major personality traits almost seem contradictory. In one sense they are quite serious and all about excelling in difficult challenges.

And on the other hand they are fun-loving, humorous and whimsical which you can see by their ‘Red Bull gives you wings’ advertising campaigns. They balance the two emotional directions to create their magic. And they are consistent with this personality.

Red Bull are brilliant at driving human connection through their personality.

Chupa Chups

Chupa Chups sell candy, so their brand personality is lighthearted and youthful. Every single touchpoint leaves their audience with a sense of fun. Even the brand name is fun. The colours pop, the shapes are playful and the language is exciting.

It’s a brand that delights the senses.

The logo was designed in 1969 by artist Salvador Dali. It’s an enduringly sweet, bright rendition of a daisy. And daisy’s take us back to a carefree time of running outdoors and playing with friends.

The brand has extended beyond its iconic lollipop.

The brand’s pop colour-scheme makes it a great design ingredient for accessories and decor. Chupa Chups’ famous flavours also provide a solid premise for cosmetics, fragrances and other aromatic products while it’s pop-icon status and “Life Less Serious” message make Chupa Chups an attractive platform for fashion and lifestyle labels and retailers.

How to create your own brand personality?

At The Brand Brigade we have a few activities we like to use to help you get into the flow of defining your brand personality. Using an analogy is a great way to express your personality.

Get each of your team to do this activity.

Imagine your brand is an animal. What would it be? Think of one animal that would best represent your brand. And detail why? Write down the traits of this animal that resonate with you in relation to your brand.

Look over all the traits listed by your team. Choose your top 6, and turn each into an adjective. These 6 traits make up your brand personality. It’s helpful to write a short description of each. And then put a handle at the end in terms of what you are not.

For example you might decide that your brand is like a dolphin. The traits of a dolphin that you resonate with are… playful, intelligent, nimble, loyal, social and powerful. You are not shy and slow-moving.

Just a little reminder that these animals don’t appear anywhere as part of your brand. This is just a device to get you thinking laterally about your own brand personality.

Have fun with this activity. It sure can generate a few laughs as you work through the process.

Have you defined your brand personality? If not, time to get your personality happening.

Jodie + Em xx


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